Thursday, 23 August 2012

*Preview* A Rough Start

She sat up slowly, looking at the mess around her scattered acrosss the room. How did things get this bad? It was a question she asked herself daily. Slight movement next to her caused those thoughts to vanish as she threw the covers back and slid out of the bed. Her clothes were amongst the mess on the floor, her thong hanging shamelessly on the lamp. She shook her head and snatched them from the shade, there was broken glass eveywhere and trying to avoid it was nearly impossible as she searched for the rest of her garments. Onika didn't usually sleep at a clients house but this was an exception, he'd offered an extra $100 if she stayed until the morning and guess what? It was morning, so now she was leaving, she never said she would stay 'til he woke and she had kept her word about stayng 'til the sun hit New York city. Keeping a tight hold on her roll of cash she looked at the figure in the bed, relieved she wouldn't be seeing him again. Hopefully. Leaving the dingy apartment she shut the door quietly and turned to leave the building but came face to face with and elderly neighbour.

"Filth! You should be ashamed of yourself! I mean, you look like you should still be in school!" She huffed and looked her up and down once more before going back into her own apartment. Onika's fishnets were torn and grimy looking after the nights events, not to mention wearing the skimpiest halterneck mini-dress without a bra, which was still in her hand. She felt worthless. She was an object. Making her way out if the building with the New York winter air hitting her hard she tightened her coat around herself before pulling her phone out.

"Hey, Candi it's Nic."

"Oh hi babe, you need a ride home?"

"Yeah, I'm where I was when you dropped me last night. Thanks."

"It's all good, I'm on my way. Oh, and Nic?"

"Mmm?" She was attempting to both answer her friend and stay warm whilst sitting down on the cold stone steps outside of the apartment building.

"There's some guy here to see you, but I'll explain when I get there. Kay boo?"

"Sure, see you in a bit." She hung up and sighed, dreading who this "visitor" might be.

* I dunno whether to actually pursue this lil idea or not but I'll show you guys a preview and see how it goes, I know it's mad crazy I've got 3 other blogs and all my uni work but I'll manage!! Welp, hope you liiike!*


  1. O____O PLEEEAAAASE YOU HAVE TO CONTINUE WITH THIS.....Only if it's managable w/all your work tho! Great post, I'm intrigued!!! ^_^

  2. You Should Continue this .! : ) if you can manage.!

  3. Yes you should continue this..... It's different and I like. I wonder who the new guy is??

  4. Zamn! But yes, you should deffo continue this story!! Its real interesting & different already!

  5. OMG. Is Nicki like a prostitute or something? O_______o?!?!? Like forreal you gotta continue this story!!!!!!!! Sound more different than others. More raw.

  6. I like it continue!!!! But complete your uni work because thats more important.

  7. Oooh i wanna see where this goes! Interesting.... Continue!

  8. Whoa, this is different. Continue. Im interested in seeing where this goes.