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1. A Rough Start *Full Chapter*

She sat up slowly, looking at the mess around her scattered acrosss the room. How did things get this bad? It was a question she asked herself daily. Slight movement next to her caused those thoughts to vanish as she threw the covers back and slid out of the bed. Her clothes were amongst the mess on the floor, her thong hanging shamelessly on the lamp. She shook her head and snatched them from the shade, there was broken glass eveywhere and trying to avoid it was nearly impossible as she searched for the rest of her garments. Onika didn't usually sleep at a clients house but this was an exception, he'd offered an extra $100 if she stayed until the morning and guess what? It was morning, so now she was leaving, she never said she would stay 'til he woke and she had kept her word about stayng 'til the sun hit New York city. Keeping a tight hold on her roll of cash she looked at the figure in the bed, relieved she wouldn't be seeing him again. Hopefully. Leaving the dingy apartment she shut the door quietly and turned to leave the building but came face to face with and elderly neighbour.

"Filth! You should be ashamed of yourself! I mean, you look like you should still be in school!" She huffed and looked her up and down once more before going back into her own apartment. Onika's fishnets were torn and grimy looking after the nights events, not to mention wearing the skimpiest halterneck mini-dress without a bra, which was still in her hand. She felt worthless. She was an object. Making her way out if the building with the New York winter air hitting her hard she tightened her coat around herself before pulling her phone out.

"Hey, Candi it's Nic."

"Oh hi babe, you need a ride home?"

"Yeah, I'm where I was when you dropped me last night. Thanks."

"It's all good, I'm on my way. Oh, and Nic?"

"Mmm?" She was attempting to both answer her friend and stay warm whilst sitting down on the cold stone steps outside of the apartment building.

"There's some guy here to see you, but I'll explain when I get there. Kay boo?"

"Sure, see you in a bit." She hung up and sighed, dreading who this "visitor" might be.
The wind picked up a little as she sat and waited. She was beginning to feel uncomfortable as early morning workers hit the street and stared down at her as they passed. Before long Candi pulled up against the sidewalk and signalled for her to get in the car.

"You get a good pay?" She asked as she made her way back on to the road. Nicki flashed a smile before waving $600 in her friends face. "Get in there girl!! Dinner's on you!" They both laughed before Nicki turned serious again.

"So, who is this "guy" you said was 'round to see me?"

Candi sighed as she looked over at her friend who looked washed out, tired and pale.
"Promise not to freak? And just....Just hear him out kay?"

"Once I know who you're talkin' 'bout, yes." Candi should have known how stubborn she was going to be.

"I'm not tellin' you now. You can just wait."

Nicki huffed before talking again. "Can we get some food before we go back? There's a McDonald's 'round the corner. "

"Seriously, boo it's like 7am. That's disgusting!"

"Try goin' without a scrap of food for almost 48 hours and being worked like a dog all night. Anything tastes good after that." She snapped and shoved her bra back into her handbag.

"Think you're forgettin' that we both in the same boat here."

"I know. I'm sorry." She trailed off and continued looking out of the window, before being distracted by Candi's hand gently holding hers.

"It's gon' be ok Nic. I promise."

"Can, we're 19 years old, we live in a pit and sell our own bodies just to stay alive. I can't see how it's gon' be ok." She squeezed her hand. "But thanks for tryin'." Candi merely smiled back at her as she pulled into the Drive Thru and ordered their food, soon enough they were back at their shabby little apartment.

"Remember what I said Nika? Be nice, hear him out and DON'T lose your temper, I can't be dealin' with a grumpy baby who got woke up by some loud ass yellin'." She was referring to her two year old son Jacob.

"Cool it. I'll behave. Promise."

Candi side eyed her before pointing to the lounge room and heading to the kitchen. Nicki turned the handle slowly, scared about who might be on the other side. Never did she imagine it would be him.

"Hey Nic. Long time no see huh?" He moved over to greet her in a more friendly manner. Hugging her as she took in his scent, which she missed so much.

"Safaree, what the hell are you doing here?" She smiled and sat down on the couch as he tured his back to go take a seat. She took that time to check herself over, horrified to realise she was still wearing her "work" attire. She feebly pulled her leather jacket around herself even tighter to hide the evidence of the apparent cold in the room. The girls were in full salute.

"We were just passin' through, on the way to my Mom's so I figured I'd track you down. You don't mind, do you?"

The word "we" was stuck in her mind. "No, no of course not.....So, why you only just visiting your Mom now? You been gone for, like, four years."

"See, that's what I also need to talk to you 'bout. I'm engaged Nic. Thas why I'm here to see my Mom." And just like that the room went silent, she looked down as she choked on her words.

"Wow, that's....That's great. I'm happy for you. I know things didn't work out with us but, you deserve to be happy." He could sense she was sad and moved closer to her on the couch.

"Just you sayin' that has made me happy." He pulled her into a hug, something a guy hadn't done in years. "I've missed you." His mouth turned into a smile as he pulled away. "You go out last night? All I can smell is alcohol and smoke! Jesus Nic!!" She pulled away from him instantly, covering her embarrassment with a small laugh.

"Yeah, something like that." Twitching her mouth she broke the growing silence after a couple of seconds. "So, who is the lucky lady? Do I get to meet her?" As soon as she said that she felt the jealousy hit her. Did she still have feelings for him after all these years?

"Well, I kinda wanted you to be at the wedding so...." Nicki looked up at him.

"Oh, well, Ion Faree.....I'm super busy at the moment and-"

"Nic, I know you. I know when you're lyin', and I ain't even told you when the wedding is!" He started laughing. Before noticing her face. "at least just think about it? We're tying the knot in February." She smiled and nodded, already knowing that she was still going to say no.

He looked his watch. "Damn! Imma have to run, but I was really good to see you again. Candi gave me your number, I hope you don't mind?"

"No, not at all." She shrugged, causing her jacket to fall loosely off of her shoulders. He figured it was her boyfriend's. It was definitley a guy's jacket, no doubt about it the thing was practically drowing her small, fragile frame.

"Good, cuz I was plannin' on callin' you later. I want you to come have dinner with me and Stef, tonight. You free?" He saw ht hesitate. "Don't answer that, Candi told me you weren't busy." He laughed at her as she rolled her eyes and smiled. "See you later." They hugged again as he left out of the front door. He'd moved on and was getting married. He was only 24. She couldn't believe it, she knew he was five years older than her but she still felt as though she had achieved nothing in life and here he was, doing everything a parent would be proud of. Maybe that's why hers disowned her? Everyone who had ever been a part of her life told her that she was nothing. Made her feel worthless. Everyone except Candi, Safaree and her boss. Aubrey.


*Welll! There you have it the first full chapter of WTWC Hope it was ok for everyone! Don't be mad I haven't updated FY or HIA in while they will be next I promise! Just out of curiosity which would y'all prefer I updated next. FY, HIA, CAHM or WTWC ?? So do you think liddle Neeki will end up goin to dinner or will she be a no show? :o Sorry for typos and about how short it is. I did it on my iPad!*


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