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2. Mixed Feelings - Part One

As soon as he left she felt the sadness wash over her. She really missed him. A lot had happened since he left four years ago, when they dated she was only 15 and he was 20, to her that didn't matter but he always had a complex about it. He hated for people to ever know that he was dating a high school student and whenever he said "My girlfriend is still in school" people assumed her to be maybe 17 or 18. But 15, it was just too much for him to handle. They dated for a while though despite what anybody said about them. Their past was a dark one though.

"What did he want?" Candi asked quizzically as she spoon fed Jacob another mouthful of his breakfast in the kitchen.

"Huh? Oh, right, um nothing much." She went to the fridge and pulled out the carton of orange juice.

"Kay Nic. Like I'm gon' believe that!"

"Just leave it Can, please?" She sighed realising the carton was empty and threw it roughly into the bin. "We never have shit in this damn house!" Candi stopped to look at her.

"Could you please not yell 'round my child?" She shook her head and continued to feed him as Nicki left the room angrily. She hated how Nicki would say stuff like that, as if it was Candi's fault they were living this way. Once she got to her room she threw her belongings on to the floor near her chest of drawers and grabbed a clean change of clothes, her toothbrush and shower things and headed to the bathroom. Usually this was her routine procedure most nights after being with another paying customer but she'd stayed the night so was performing these duties in the morning. She always scrubbed for ages, feeling dirty.

Her and Candi were just two of Aubrey Graham's "girls" he found them sat in a bus shelter late one night and offered them a 2 bedroomed apartment, at a really cheap price to begin with. They couldn't refuse, they were practically homeless. Nicki's parents had kicked her out when she was 15 after they found out she was pregnant and forced her to have an abortion. She dropped out of school because of the cruel taunts and nasty things people did to her and found herself sleeping in doorways for a few nights, until Aubrey found her. He told them straight up what he was, but Nicki never got a creepy vibe from him. He was sweet, funny and a genuinely kind-hearted man. He was 26 and doing alright for himself, he gave the girls the apartment on condition that as soon as they were of age they would work for him and he wouldn't take rent money from them anymore. They were extremely hesitant at first but how could they refuse a free apartment, no bills no other costs in exchange for their "innocence" unbeknownst to Aubrey that neither were virgins anyway. And that's their story. They were selected by clients through Aubrey, his work name was Drake, so they would be chosen through Drake and then go take care of business, get their money and split the earnings with Drake, he always got 40% of what they earned in an entire week, their earnings combined. He also paid for their car, Jacob's childcare fees, health care fees and anything else that needed to be paid for. The only thing they had to worry about was food and other essentials and having a 2 year old in the house, they needed a lot of essentials. Nicki never told Safaree that the baby was his, in fact he didn't even know she was pregnant when he left, she never told him. She had to go through it all. Alone. She had Candi of course but not even she knew about that. The only person who knew was Drake. They had a weird relationship, not a bad one but a strange one. Nicki could never understand if she had feelings for him or whether it was just the fact the he cared for her and he took care of her that made her feel a type of way towards him. She wasn't going to lie, she had slept with him a few times but other than him and Safaree she hadn't kissed another man. Her job was sex, and nothing else. She could relate to Julia Roberts' character in 'Pretty Woman' that way. She felt that kissing was more intimate and showed more feeling. Or so she thought. Those thoughts ended suddenly hearing Candi's yelling.

"Nic? The fuck you doin' in there? You been running the shower for like, an hour! Get it the fuck together!" She hadn't even realised she'd dazed off like that. Quickly finishing up her shower rituals she turned it off and made a hasty exit to her room. She was still thinking of an excuse for tonight. she really wanted to see him again, but not at a posh restaurant meal with his fiancé. What was her name, Stef? Well, that's what she heard him say. She continued to think over ideas as she sat on her bed and lotioned, it was almost midday on a saturday. Tonight would be busy, and she had to go see Aubrey to hand him his money from the week too, suddenly remembering that she threw on some sweats and t-shirt she grabbed her phone and called him.

"Hey stranger." She almost melted at the sound of his voice.

"Hmm, I'm no stranger to you." She flirted as she got comfy with her back resting against the headboard.

"I know that." He chuckled softly. "So, s'goin on?"

"I just wanted to let you know Imma drop 'round later with this weeks money, you'll be there right?"

"I'm always here." She could feel him smiling through the phone and cheesed when she realised she was doing it too. "How could I miss out on seein' my favourite?"

"Mmkay Aubrey! You tell all of us that, I ain't fallin' for your smooth ass lines."

"You are, always have been. And always will be Onika." She loved how he used her first name, she didn't usually like it because it reminded her of her parents as they used to call her that, obviously it's her name. But when he did it, it was ok. "Oh, shit, before I forget somebody booked you for 8pm, you kay to do it? If not I'll get Candi, she had last night off...And I heard you stopped with a client? Overnight?"

"Yeah thas fine, and yeah I was offered an extra hunnid so I said yes, that okay?"

"No, I don't like you doing that. You go, do your thing and then leave. Please don't do that again?"
Nicki was dumbfounded but he was her boss so agreed anyway.

"Uhm, yeah okay. I won't do it again. Sorry." He could hear the confusion in her voice.

"Don't apologise, I'm not mad. But if anything were to happen to you Ion what I would do that's why you stick to the rules."

"Alright, I promise I won't do it again. Thanks."

"For what?" He smirked as he said it.

"For, Y'know? Actually caring. Not many people do."

"Well, I do. That's all that matters....And listen, don't worry about gettin' the money to me straight away, just hand it over when you come to get the address for tonight. Aight I gotta go, talk to you later babe." He hung up swiftly which automatically let her know that either his cell was ringing or an imprortant visitor was entering his office. Did he really just call her 'Babe'? She sat and thought about for what seemed like an eternity. It might as well have been when she was startled from an uncomfortable nap at 5pm by her phone ringing. It was Safaree.

"Hello?" She answered groggily, only just noticing the time.

"Hey Nic, just confirming for tonight? You wanna be at that mad expensive restaurant in town for like 6pm. I reserved a table for three....Unless, you wanna bring a guest, I guess that's ok."


"No. Onika, I am not lettin' you bail on me. Please? One freaking dinner, what's the harm?" She instantly felt bad and thought for a minute.

"Alright, I guess I'll just, see you there?"

"Stef and I'll wait out front of you want?"

"No, no that's fine I'll just find you in there." He could tell she sounded hesitant but knew once she got there she would have fun. He hoped.

They talked for a short while longer until Nicki really did have to go and get ready, being sure to pack her "work" clothes to change into. Tonight it was fishnets, as always, and an extremely skimpy, skintight strapless dress in the colour she suited, red. But that was just for after dinner, to meet Safaree she was wearing a classy, black, figure hugging dress. It stopped just a little above the knee and emphasised her admirable curves. On her way down the stairs she checked her hair and makeup for the 6th time in the hallway mirror.

"Can?" She shouted for her friend. "Candi?"

"Shit, keep it down he only just fell to sleep!" She snapped in a whisper.

"My bad. Anyway, can you please give this to Aubrey tonight?" Nicki handed the wad of cash to her friend who was stood their looking bemused.

"So it's Aubrey now huh? I always knew that nigga had a soft spot for you and that damn ass of yours!" They both laughed until Candi looked over what Nicki was wearing. "And, where do you think you're goin' dressed like that?"

"I'm goin' for dinner with Faree and his fiancé if you must know. A restaurant in town somewhere, you want me to bring back leftovers?"

"Uhm, bitch, no thanks. I'm good." Nicki laughed at her face and continued fixing herself in the mirror. "Nic, chill you look amazing. But remember that he has a fiancé, don't go and get all hung up on this shit again, kay?" Nicki nodded nervously. "I'll take this to Drake, don't worry. I'll send him a kiss too!" She stopped laughing when she felt Nicki's small, but strong hand hit her playfully.

"Girl, shut the fuck up. I'm leaving now. I gotta see a client at 8pm, could you get Aub-" She paused. "Drake to text the address to me?" Candi nodded as she shooed her out of the door.

"Go have fun Nika! You need to live a little!"


Sat in the restaurant waiting was like torture, she felt as though everyone knew her story and it was making her feel uncomfortable. Thankfully she saw them making their way towards her so she stood to greet them, not really sure if that's what you were supposed to do.

"Nic, you're early....And you look....really good." That was no word of a lie, she looked amazing to him. Still. Stef noticed him standing their mesmerised and nudged him out of the way before extending her perfectly manicured ring hand for Nicki to shake.

"Hi, I'm Stefani. You can call me Stef though, I prefer it." And there it was, one of the most annoying bimbo laughs Nicki had ever heard. She was going to have to sit through this for an hour. Worst of all, she couldn't drink. Another one of Aubrey's rules, drinking rules the minds decisions. A dangerous thing in their line of work. So she would just have to endure this, sober. once they had all sat down and ordered their meals Stefabi decided to break the silence.

"So, Nicki, I hear you're still in school. How's that goin' for you?" She saw her body jolt a little as Safaree must have nudged her under the table.

"Actually, no. I would have finished already but I dropped out anyway." Safaree's eyes bugged.

"What? But you were like, a straight A student. When the hell'd this happen?" When they were together Safaree would always encourage her to stay in school and make something of her life, he had dropped out and regretted it and didn't want his best friend turned girlfriend to make the same mistake.

"Like, four years ago. Just after you left." She trailed off remembering how dark those days where.

"Shit, I ain't even know. Can I ask, why?"

"I'd rather not talk 'bout it, thanks." She picked up her water and sipped a little hoping that the subject would change without her input. She didn't look up to see Safaree's face, but caught a glimpse when she sat her glass back down. He looked hurt. It was silent again, all that could be heard was the  conversational buzz of other people and the clanging of cutlery on plates. Suddenly Nicki's phone chimed, letting her know she had a text message.

Aubrey: You look like you're having fun

Onika: Ur such a creep. The hell are you? 

She looked around with a small smile on her face. Safaree noticed and kept watching her as she went back to texting, Stefani was completely oblivious as she obsessed about one of her nails that had snapped off.

Aubrey: Watching you. Enjoying myself ;)

Onika: Get off my fone :( Wht do you want anyway?

Aubrey: Never, you love me. I'm taking you to the address, he's not as youthful as you so imma have to tire you out first

Onika: -__- Ur such a pig, you ain't awl dat anyways, more like a warm up ;)

Aubrey: We'll soon find out. Hurry up, the nigga opposite you looks like he wants eat you more than the plate of food in fronna him.

Nicki laughed out loud unconsciously and looked up to see a very suave looking Drake staring at her though the window.

Onika: Go away. I'll see you soon

Aubrey: I know and I'll be waiting

She threw her phone back into her purse only to look up and see Safaree staring at her.

"Who was that? Got you smilin' like a mad woman!" He covered up the jealousy with a joke as Stefani stood to go to the bathroom.

"Babe, I'll be back." She made sure to hold the kiss long enough for Nicki to notice and look down.

"So, who's textin' da kid?" He grinned and moved his plate away from himself.

"It was just Candi, she's goin' to bed now. She's leavin' a spare key out just in case. That's all, nosey ass." They both laughed, they missed this but neither one was going to admit that. Nicki looked down at the time on her phone, it was time for her to leave.

"This was good, thanks for askin' me. I enjoyed meeting Stef, i hope you're both happy together. You certainly seem it." She smiled sweetly and stood up.

"Wait? You're really goin'? It's only been an hour Nic." He sounded genuinely heartbroken.

"Well, how 'bout we meet for lunch tomorrow...Only if Y'know? You not busy and you actually want to." She went quiet and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear nervously.

"Of course I want to, but Mom is havin' lunch at hers tomorrow so if you don't mind you could come along?"

"Are you sure that's okay, y'know? With Stef?"

"You're my guest, I want you there and I'm sure she wouldn't mind. So tomorrow, 1pm at my Mom's, you needa ride? Or, if you plan on bringin' someone along that's all good just let me know." He was intrigued to see if she brought along a guy or not. He knew all too well that the person she was texting with wasn't Candi.

"Sounds good, and I already have a ride thanks....and yeah, I'll bring someone along, thanks. Long as that's cool with your Mom though?"

"Y'know it will be!" They both laughed knowing how enthusiastic his Mom got about having people over for meals.

"Well, see you tomorrow I guess?" He nodded and hugged her as she left, placing her money for the meal back into her bag without her knowing.


"You better get dressed, you have to be there in..." He looked at his watch. "Like, twenty minutes." He leant down and placed another kiss on her neck as they lay naked with her back pressed to his chest. She sighed and turned to meet his lips with her own. After another short kissing session she grabbed her change of clothes from her bag as he admired the view.

"Aubrey, stop staring. It's rude." He chuckled and gently tapped her ass as he moved from the back seat of the car and climbed back into the front.

"You had this car shakin' forreal." He smirked.

"Shut up!" She flicked the side of his face as she too moved back to the front of the car, zipping up her knee highs and running her fingers through her tousled hair when she got into the passenger seat properly. He stared at her for a while, that smile was just, everything to him. And those dimples, he couldn't even explain. He knew this was slightly wrong, she worked for him and he was basically selling her, not to mention her only being 19. But he really did feel something for her. And it was growing stronger with each minute they spent together. "Hellooo? Aubrey? I thought we were in a rush?" He just smiled back making her start smiling too. "What?"

"Nothin'. You ready?" He asked making her look down sadly.

"Yeah, Just go get it over with I guess." He placed his hand under chin making her look his way.

"Hey, it'll be fine. If anything happens, call me. I'll wait outside to pick you up." If he could tell her to give this up and come live with him, he would but his father wouldn't allow that. This was his business, Drake managed it for him but nobody ever told his father how to run the business. Drake was just as poor as Nicki. His job initially was to recruit girls but now he was the full time boss, Nicki never understood why people were afraid of him, he was always so sweet to her. He kissed her again before starting the car and driving them to the address. She climbed out apprehensively as he smiled and pointed to the direction he would be waiting for her making sure she knew and wasn't going to go wandering the streets looking for him, dressed the way she was. As soon as he jetted off she turned to walk down the street and managed to somehow drop her bag and spill everything on to the side walk.

"For fucks sake!" She bent down as gracefully as she could in her barely there dress and sky high boots. Until a hand made her jump.

"Here let me help you." She rose to her feet as he did and almost died when she looked the man in the face. "Onika?!"

*Well how was that kids? Sorry if it dragged on and please point out anything you don't like about the way I write ^_^ I don't mind at all cause I know I'm not the best fiction writer lmaoo
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