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7. Gone - Part One

*Kay, so a lot of readers are requesting this fic be updated and CM so Imma try to do both tonight before I go out. ^--^. This chapter is a little segmented cause it's following more characters right now. More drama is about to happen though :o And Onikafaree fans do not fear, this blog isn't converting to Dricki, I promise. ALSO I thought that me writing fics would hinder my working ability but I just got another major assignment back and managed to get another distinction! I'm so relieved! Anywho, enjoy!*

The crunching and splintering lasted a few seconds as she stood, frozen to the spot. She was about to step forward when Drake appeared at the doorway with his finger to his lips, signalling for her to be quiet.

"Stay here." She was about to open her mouth but hearing heavy footsteps making their way up the stairs she panicked. "Quick, take Jacob...And, just...Hide in the closet or somethin'." The last part of his sentence was almost inaudible as his whispering got quieter and quieter with each word being uttered. Doing exactly what he said she silently opened Jacob's closet door and shut herself inside, trying to soothe him at the same time as she sat herself down. There was dead silence for a few minutes, she was just praying that he hadn't gone downstairs.

"Where the fuck she at?! No good little whore!" That voice, she knew all too well. It was Junior.

"Look, she's not here." What followed made her jump as she heard a loud scuffle before he started talking again, only more exasperated. "I swear on Mom's grave." That cut straight to her heart. She knew how much his Mother meant to him and therefore how much she meant to him for saying that.

"Ion believe you! The fuck you doin' here if she ain't about, huh?!" Everything that was happening was almost being drowned out by her heavy, rapid breathing and Jacob was obviously picking up on the strange atmosphere as he started to fuss in her arms.

"Shh, baby please be quiet." He muted as soon as she started rocking him a little, thanking God that he was usually a quiet kid.

"Y'know? When I heard that you were fuckin' around with one of these hoes, I said No, no Aubrey wouldn't do that. He's better than that. We employ these sluts to fuck the clients. THAT'S IT! And here you are stickin' your God damn dick in one yourself!" She cringed at every word being said as she clamped her hands over her ears trying to muffle the sound of his voice. This was all her fault. If she'd just stayed away and done her job then none of this would be happening, Candi would be ok, Drake would be ok and she wouldn't be sat here wondering whether or not her life was about to end.

"So, speak up. Where is she?" He let go of Drake's neck as he moved across the hall to check her room. "So this where you fuck the bitch?" Drake shut his eyes and let his head drop as he tried to regain his breath. Hoping his father didn't move to Jacob's room. "Fucking low life. I'm ashamed to call you my fucking son Aubrey!" His footsteps got closer as he entered Jacob's room.

"Look, I already told you she isn't here! She took Candi's kid and went to a Motel." Nicki could tell his voice was holding fear as Junior charged back over to him. What she heard next was pure torture. There was a loud gunshot before his body could be hear tumbling down the stairs with speed before a few more shots were fired. Jacob immediately started screaming at the loud noise as she too started crying out hysterically. She didn't care if he found her anymore but she had to get Jacob out. The adrenaline started to kick in, preparing to make a run for it as his footsteps marched over to the closet, ripping the door open with force. But it wasn't Junior.

"Nicki, get up. We have to leave. NOW!" He grabbed her hand and yanked her up, she was still crying as she cradled Candi's inconsolable child. Looking over Drake's body there were blood splatters all over his top and his face was bleeding again. "We can't stop here, or my place. We'll go to a motel, take Jacob with us." He pulled a duffle out of the closet she was just in. "Pack as many clothes that'll fit, yours and his." she stood still, partially in shock that he was still alive. "Now Nicki!" She jumped before setting Jacob in his crib whilst she did what he said. "I'm gon' go make a few calls. DON'T move from here and stay put, kay?" He was now knelt at her level, holding each side of her still shuddering shoulders.

"W-what the fuck have you d-done to him?" She tried to look out into the hallway but he blocked her vision.

"It was self defence."

"Yeah but you've fucking killed somebody Aubrey! You're gonna get sent down for murder! Then what the fuck am I 'sposed to do?!"

"Just, calm down-"

"Calm down?! You're fucking tellin' me to calm down?!"

"NICKI!" He shook her hard making her tears come loose. "We don't have time for this! Once we're out of here and at the motel we'll talk. I'll sort everything. Now, please just do what I asked you to." He kissed her forehead and left her to it as he made his way back downstairs in a hurry.


The motel was dark, cold and gloomy. She just wanted to go home. To make matters worse, Drake had dragged her there, got her and Jacob settled and then left to go 'Sort things out' whatever the fuck that meant. She was left with strict instructions not to call anyone or answer her cell unless it was Drake or Lee, his friend. The only person who had called though was Safaree. It was killing her not being able to answer, and the fact that he wasn't giving up was making it more unbearable.


"Come on Nicki. Pick up your damn phone." Safaree was growing more and more worried after the 11th time calling and still no answer.

"Safaree, we're about to head off. Stefani has her dress fitting today,  so we'll see you when we get home." She smiled sweetly and moved out of the room to let him and Stef talk quickly.

"Safaree I swear if you're on your fucking cell tryin' to call her again-"

"I'm not, I'm not." he leant down to kiss her, even though she was angry she still accepted. "I'll see you later."

"Yeah, love you." she turned and walked away, counting down the seconds until he said it back. But he didn't. As soon as the front door slammed shut he waited to hear the engine start and grabbed his jacket. If she wasn't answering his calls he'd just have to pay her a visit in person. He was in such deep thought on the drive there he hardly noticed he'd arrived. He scanned over the windows as he pulled up and  hopped out of the car. The curtains were drawn and the house looked pretty empty. Heading towards the front door he knocked twice and waited for a response. Nothing. Just out of curiosity he tried the door handle, not expecting it to open but to his surprise it did. He stepped in slowly before calling her name.

"Nic? Nicki you in here?" With no response he figured not but the sight he was greeted with made him feel instantly nauseous. There was blood stains marking almost every step on the stairs, the hallway floor was smeared with it and the walls were also decorated with blood splatters. "What he fuck?!" He lifted his feet tenaciously, noticing he had indeed stepped in a puddle of it. Immediately images and scenarios started running through his mind. What if Drake had done this to her? He shouldn't have left, especially with him like that. Feeling his heart racing he had no idea what to do, who to call or where to go. He shakily pulled out his phone and did the right thing. He called the police.

*** (A few Hours Earlier) ***

"So you can get rid of it?"

"I mean, yeah but this is serious Drake. You killed your fucking father. Junior, like, he's not just anybody." A.J. rubbed his chin, "I can do it though, but I need your help. No one else can know, it's just me and you right?"

"No, Nicki knows. She was here when it happened." He sat on Nicki's couch as Lee moved back into the lounge room from where Junior's body lay. "She won't say anythin' though."

"Aight, as long as she keeps her mouth shut and we know we will, then everythin' should go smoothly."

'Thanks man. I owe you, big time."

They did what needed to be done, dumping Junior's wrapped up body off of the loading docks at 2am, A.J. knew the right time and place. His father had shown him all the ropes back when he lived on Staten Island. He looked at Drake who was rubbing his palms together nervously, his breath hitting the air and forming a white cloud.

"Hey, don't sweat it. Act normal, go back to Nicki and stay there for a while. His body bag is packed with weights, he should be poppin' up anytime soon." He hit his arm reassuringly before jumping back in his car and driving off like what they just did was nothing. The journey back to the Motel was tedious, he couldn't believe everything that had happened. Only days ago he had plans to take Nicki away, as his own and live somewhere with more opportunities. But now, he was going to be jumping at every sound thinking the police were behind him. He'd killed his own father and practically taken his hooker girlfriend hostage along with a two year old who belonged to neither of them. Suddenly realising that he was already back at the Motel he pulled up and stepped out of the car before walking to room 39. He had a special knock that he did to let her know it was him and she opened within seconds, jumping onto him with relief. Carefully stepping inside with her still latched on to his body he shut and locked the door behind him. Having absolutely no clue what was in store for them.

*Oh kaaay I think it's liiiittle far fetched but wutevs, it's fan fiction and I'm the writer ^_^ Sorry if it's a little short, but I'll make up for it next chapter :) Thanks SO much for all the comments I've been receiving on here! I'm so shocked! Well I updated this one because people were asking, and others were also asking for CM so I'll do that one too. As for FY and CAHM I'll do them soon-ish ^_^ I don't think too many readers are bothered about FY but I know I got some ppl asking about CAHM so I'll focus more on that one :) Well hope that was kay for everyone and sorry for any typos :o*


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