Sunday, 16 September 2012

4. *Sneak Peek* Laying It All On The Table

She woke up feeling a draft hitting her naked body, as her eyes opened she looked over herself lazily noticing that she was completely exposed and Drake was laying on his side admiring her.

"Oh, you're awake then?" He removed the hair from her face as she looked at him blankly.

"Mmm, time is it?" She half yawned as she stretched her arms up.

"Almost 9am, you gotta be somewhere?"

"Shit." She sighed loudly. "Yeah I need to get back, could you give me ride?" She sat up and looked at his eyes which were fixed on her chest. "Aubrey?"

"Sorry." He smiled that smile of his. "Yeah I can give you a lift, time do you need to be back?" He sat up as well grabbing her waist and pulling her to him.

"Like, now. Please?" She changed their position as she pushed his back up to the headboard, straddling him in the process.

"Oh?" He locked eyes with her and she mimicked him in return.

"Yeah, oh. But really, I have to go. Come on." She dismounted him and walked casually into his bathroom proceeding to wash her face, brush her teeth and relieve herself as Drake threw on a pair of sweats and made his way downstairs to make breakfast. Once she was finished she raided his closet for something clean to wear until she got home.

"Nicki, we need to talk." She looked up from her plate of toast as he sat down opposite her.

"Yeah? 'Bout what?"

"This, us." She stopped eating and looked at him again before putting her toast back on the plate.

"Look Ion know what's goin' on right now. I like you, a lot but you're my boss. It's weird."

"Well that's another thing, Ion want you livin' like this anymore." She squinted at him.

"Uhm, you're the one who got me here in the first place."

"Yeah, I know that but I didn't know you then....Not like I know you now anyway..." He trailed off and looked away as he smoothed his hand over his stubbly chin. Standing up she walked over to his chair and rested in between his parted legs.

"What's so different now?" She whispered as she draped her arms around his neck, she knew what the answer was but she just needed to hear him say it.

"Don't play Nic, you know." She was loving how shy and childish he was looking right now, it was adorable to her.

"But you haven't said whatever it is that I'm supposed to know. So how do you know that I know?" He chuckled and shook his head.

"I really like you Onika, a lot." He ran his hands up and down her smooth arms as she continued to stare into his face.

"Well sir, I like you too." She smiled, displaying her dimples and her perfectly white teeth. She even looked beautiful to him without all the makeup on her face. He kissed her and pulled her closer before tapping her butt.

"Come on, I'll take you home."


She let herself inside dreading the explanation she was going to have to give Candi when she walked in. Luckily she didn't see any of her belongings dumped in the hallway like usual so she figured she was out. She frowned as she looked up the small set of stairs they had, she could hear Jacob crying. why would Candi not be here when her child was? Without even thinking she ran up the stairs whilst shouting for her but there was no answer, walking into his room she saw him screaming in his crib, he was stood up holding on to the railings.

"Hey baby, c'mere." She picked him up quickly and checked all the rooms, she was nowhere to be found. Pulling her phone out she called her, five times with no answer for any try. "Shit." She jogged back downstairs with Jacob on her hip as she called Drake, he answered immediately.

"Can't stay away huh?"

"Aubrey I can't find Candi." He stopped joking around hearing how panicked she sounded.

"Well, maybe she just went out with Jacob?"

"No, no he was here by himself. Did she reply to you last night?" She was rushing around in the kitchen trying to get him something to eat, who knows how long he'd been alone.

"Uhm...No she didn't, hold on. I'll call you back." She could hear the concern in his voice and started to  worry. She managed to get Jacob something to eat, he ate it fast and soon stopped crying after she bathed him and changed him. She didn't know what else to do. Looking at the time she threw her head back in frustration realising that Safaree would be here any minute. She thought too soon as she heard a loud knock on the door. She kept hold of Jacob as she went to let him in.

"Come in." He didn't say anything as she seemed pretty pissed. "You can go through, I'm just gon' go put him down." She'd noticed his eyes getting heavy and figured he was tired from all the crying.
As soon as she returned she sat on the opposite couch, not looking his way. Frankly she was beyond concerned about their little argument right now.

"Umm, everything ok?" He rubbed his legs anxiously as he waited for her to answer.

"Yeah. Fine."


"Ugh, what!? Why you sayin' it like that?" He just stared at her with his mouth open.

"How the fuck you actin' like this when I just found out you're a fucking hooker Nicki?!" He stood up as did she.

"Look I can't deal with this right now-" He cut her off.

"YOU can't deal with this?! How the fuck do you think I'm feelin'?!" Before she could answer him, her phone vibrated as a new message came through....

*Im soooo sorry it's just a sneak peek BUT the rest is coming tomorrow, which over here is like really, later on today :)) Who do u suppose is messaging Nicki? :O Sorry for any typos and yeah, the full chapter tmrw :)) And thanks for all the comments guysss ^_^*


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