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3. Mixed Feelings - Part Two

*Ughhh Im gonna say it now, I really, really, realllyyyy HATE writing sex scenes so yeah no more after this!! And for a certain person who might be reading this (she knows who she is) GET OFF OF MY BLOG lmao well hope this is ok for you all, it's only a lil chapter too sorry :/*

The stranger, or so she thought, stood staring at her until she finally made eye contact with him.

"Safaree? What, what the hell are you doin' here?" She snatched her belongings, mostly condoms, out of his hands.

"Uhm, check the area, Nic I already told you I was stayin' with my Mom. She lives here. And I was just on my way to see a mate." He popped his eyes at her as she looked around only just noticing the familiar surroundings. "What the hell are you doin' here? And why you dressed like this?" He tugged at her loosely fitted jacket. The same one she was wearing when he went to see her this morning.

"My bad, looks different at night." She shifted uncomfortably and tried to cover herself up a little more.

"You didn't answer my question Nicki?"

"I'm just on my way to see a friend, if that's ok with you?" she rolled her neck with attitude. "I have to go, I'll just, see you tomorrow." She marched past him and headed towards the house Drake had told her to go to. She could hear him walking behind her.

"Nic? Nicki wait!"

"Safaree, I thought you had somewhere to be?!" She carried on walking down the street as he caught up with her.

"I do.......Well not yet I'm waiting for a call." He shook his head trying to get back to the point. "Please, be careful. You shouldn't be walkin' 'round this area dressed like that, it's not safe."

"I'll be fine SB, as soon as I get to my friend's I'll be off the street." She stopped for a second. "See you tomorrow." He had given up following her as she walked even faster, she obviously didn't want to see him and after how things ended four years ago he couldn't blame her.

She turned to make sure he wasn't looking anymore and to her surprise he was gone, the street was completely empty. That's when she saw Drake's car across the road, he was watching protectively from the window, she nodded to signal that she was going in as she climbed the steps to the front door knocking only twice. The door swung open to reveal a very tall and muscular man stood before her.

"You Nicki?"

"Mhmm. You gon' let me in or what?" He smirked and stepped aside letting her walk past. The smell of her perfume had set him off already and when he turned to see her ass, he wondered how the hell he was going to control himself. Back on the roadside Drake was watching the house vigilantly, the curtains were drawn so he couldn't keep such a hawk like watch, he was glad though. The thought of seeing that guy's hands all over her made his blood boil, he'd never felt like this about a girl before but Nicki, she was special and after tonight he was done. He was pulling her out of this lifestyle for good, he just hoped that she felt the same way about him too.

Back in the house Nicki was already down to her underwear as she straddled him on the couch, he tried to move in and kiss her but she gently pushed his face away and lowered herself to the ground, positioning herself in between his legs. He hurriedly tried to rip his belt off but she stopped him and did it herself, unzipping his jeans slowly and pulling out his already hard dick. She stroked him a few times before taking him into her mouth, almost instantly making him throw his head back as he used his hands to guide her head. She continued to let him control her head before deep throating him. His groans got louder as he came but to her surprise he pushed her away so as not to deposit himself in her mouth. She wiped her mouth and straddled him again.

"Why did you do that?" He looked at her with a confused face.


"You pulled outta my mouth, I thought guys liked it when we swallow?"

"I think it's disgusting." At that moment, just looking at him he reminded her of someone. Almost as if she recognised him but feeling him get hard underneath her again helped her to remember why she was here. There was something about this guy that was...different, he wasn't like all the other men who paid for her services. He seemed kind of naive, like he'd never done this before. He obviously wasn't going to take control so Nicki decided to after looking at the clock and noticing it was almost 9pm. Reaching behind herself she unclasped her bra and let it fall before throwing it to the side and rising to her knees inviting him to pull her thong off, he caught on and removed the material from her body. He was being gentle which also surprised her. She felt his eyes scanning her naked body and quickly put a stop to that by grabbing him gently and guiding him inside of her before lowering herself on to him. From there on only light panting and soft moans could be heard as she rode him. His hands were placed firmly on her hips as he thrusted into her, without warning he pulled out and turned her around on the couch letting her lean over the back of it as he entered her from behind, this time with more force. He was getting more into it.

"Mmm, right there." She moaned breathlessly as he increased the speed of his thrusts.

"Damn girl, you tight as fuck." He half groaned as he reached under her and grabbed her breasts,  playing with her nipples and making her moans increase in volume. She felt herself breathing more irregularly as her walls tightened around him and made him pump faster.

"Ugh I'm 'bouta...I'm...Uhh.." She couldn't finish her sentence as he stroked deep and hard sensing she was close, they both came and dressed as soon as it was over.

"I'll just go get your money." He avoided eye contact and headed out of the room, she could hear him talking and waited for him to return. Once he came back in he looked slightly riled.

"...Yeah, aight, see you soon." He hung up and turned to look at her. "I'm sorry, my room mate's raided my savings..again-" She cut him off quickly, thinking that she wasn't going to get paid after having to give herself to him.

"I'm not moving 'til I get the money though, Y'know that right? And my boss is right outside, waiting for some shit like this to go down!" She crossed her arms after pulling her dress up some more. He looked towards the window nervously.

"Calm down, you're gon' get your pay I gotta friend who's comin' over. He said he can loan me some. How much do I owe you?"

"For an hour..." She calculated in her head, usually it's a two hour rate but this guy didn't want much. "Make it $250." She threw a piece of gum into her mouth. "Can I use your bathroom?" She figured she might be waiting a while for this friend of his.

"Kay, $250 it is and yeah straight through there, door on the right." He smiled but still wouldn't look her in the eye, she guessed he was ashamed. This was definitely his first time with a call girl, she knew that for a fact.

"Thanks." She headed the way he said and whilst she was in there she could hear voices talking and thanked God that his friend was here so once she was finished she could just leave.

"Oh shit, dude that was quick! What, were you like stalkin' my fuckin' house!? C'mere!" They embraced one another before taking a seat. "Thanks man, I owe you." He took the money from his friend.

"S'all good, just don't make it a regular thing." He saw him nodding before adding to his comment. "I mean the whole, prostitute thing too. I know you been through shit with that bitch wife of yours but fucking hookers ain't gon' fix nothin'."

"I know, I know." He sighed and rested his head in his hands. "It's a one time thing, I hope. I feel like shit now. Fuck knows how she's feelin'." He looked up hearing her shoes entering the room again.

"You got my money yet?" She asked as she walked back in looking at her phone but froze when she brought her head up and locked eyes with the other guy in the room.

"The fuck Nicki?!" She flinched at how loud Safaree was yelling as he jumped to his feet.

"You two know each other?" His friend was still holding the money and looking between the two.

"Do we?! Thas a good fucking question, Ion think I know this Nicki!" She looked down feeling extremely embarrassed that he was seeing her like this but then felt herself becoming angry instead.

"Y'know? If it wasn't for you fucking leaving me here in this shit hole four years ago, none of this would be happening! I lost everything because of you and you just tossed me aside like some fucking worthless...." She stopped and tried to regain her composure. "No, no I'm not 'bouta stand here and justify my fucking self to you!" She wiped away the stray tear rolling down her face as she snatched the money from SB's friend and stormed out of the house with Safaree hot on her heels. Her loud yells in the street woke Drake from his nap in the car and seeing her trying to pull away from the grip this guy had on her arm made him instinctively fly out of the car.

"Nicki, wait! Please I just wanna talk!" He still had hold of her arm trying to stop her from leaving. He didn't know that the car across the street was her ride home, or had her boss inside for that matter.

"Let go of me Safaree! You didn't wanna talk for the last four fucking years, the fuck is so different now?!" She was about to try and pull away one last time when an angry Drake grabbed SB by the front of his shirt and threw him forcefully away from her.

"Nic, go get in the car." Seeing her about to object he raised his voice. "Now!" He had no clue who this guy was, he just knew that he had his hands on her.

"Aubrey it's fine, just leave it please!?" She pulled at his arm as Safaree's friend tried to help him up. "Please? I got my money, everything's fine lets just go!" He relaxed his shoulders noticing that nobody was returning the fight.

"Nicki? Please, we need to talk." He looked at her regretfully, she could tell he was mad with himself for yelling at her inside. He always did that, they were so similar in that sense. They both exploded easily and would regret it minutes later. Whereas with Drake he would say things passively and rarely raised his voice. If he was angered he would just disappear and not talk for a while and then return as if nothing had happened.

"I know." She looked down before looking at Drake. "I'm ok, could you please wait in the car? I'll be over in a second." He looked hesitant but nodded anyway and whispered in her ear.

"That nigga touches you again and I will not be held responsible for my actions." He kissed her neck as she rand her hands down his chest when he went past and got back in his car making sure to keep his eye on this "Safaree" dude.

"Tyler could you give me and Nic a minute?" Tyler nodded and tipped his head awkwardly at Nicki as if to thank her for the sex and shut the door behind him, leaving them both in silence. "What happened Nic?" He looked her up and down with a pitiful look on his face, what she said earlier was bothering him. Was all of this really his fault?

"Ugh, don't give me that! I was a wreck after you left, I lost everything. I had no choice." He moved closer which made her take a step back as Drake opened the car door to warn him.

He held his hands up and stepped away. "Aight, Jesus, calm the fuck down!" He shook his head and looked back to a tearful Nicki.

"Look, we need to talk. Properly. Not here, not now and definitely not like this."

"I know." She scuffed her foot on the sidewalk as she looked down. "How 'bout we just meet up tomorrow? Candi's taking Jacob out so our place will be empty." She spoke between sobs not once looking up at him as she sniffed and wiped the tears away.

"Tomorrow? 'Bout eleven?" She just nodded and turned to walk back to the car letting the tears go. He hated that he couldn't tell her how much she still meant to him, how much he still loved her. But this, this was beyond crazy. He never even thought things would get so bad that she'd have to become a prostitute. What the hell so bad could've happened for her to have to do this? He dreaded to think what tomorrow might bring as he watched her climb into the passenger seat and drive off with that cocky ass.
The only good thing about him was his obvious protective nature, he knew no harm would come of her being with him. He hoped.


The drive home was quiet, Nicki had stopped crying and was looking emotionlessly out of the window. Drake knew exactly what was wrong with her once he realised who Safaree was. She had never told him the name of the guy who dumped her and left her but he put the pieces together in his mind. Grabbing his phone sent Candi a brief text whilst driving telling her that Nicki was staying at his so that she wouldn't worry about her not coming home.

"You kay?" He brushed his hand across hers making her look at him.

"Yeah, I guess. But, you went past my turn off." She watched the street go by and looked at him.

"I know, you stayin' at mine tonight." She didn't answer and just looked back out of the window again.

"Thanks." It wasn't long before they pulled up to his house and he let them both in after parking his car.

"You wanna use the shower?"

"Please." He led her upstairs and showed her to his bathroom, laying out an old tee and some sweats for when she was done. "You're not showering with me?" He looked at her leaning naked in the bathroom doorway and considered her question. Peeling his shirt off her entered the bathroom and set the shower to a good temperature and continued with taking his pants off as she sat on the side of the tub. Once he was completely undressed too he grabbed her hand and they both showered until the water turned ran cold. Now laying in bed Drake noticed she was already asleep on him and decided to leave her as she was. He'd just talk to her in the morning, he stayed awake thinking for a while until he couldn't hold his eyes open anymore.

*I'm sorry, I'm reeaally not keen on this chapter but I will try and make the next one better. I'm super tired but I haven't posted in FORVER so I'm giving you all this madly rushed chapter :) So, I apologise for it being so rushed lmao and I'm sorry to all the people who aren't here for the Drickiness hahaha something huge is also going to happen soon >:D I dunno if you'll be able to guess, some of you might haha, sorry for typos and I hope this was ok for you all :/ Thanku for all the comments last chapter tooo!!! ^______^ Also 8 comments please for the next chapter, thx!*


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