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5. Laying It All On The Table (Full Chapter)

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She woke up feeling a draft hitting her naked body, as her eyes opened she looked over herself lazily noticing that she was completely exposed and Drake was laying on his side admiring her.

"Oh, you're awake then?" He removed the hair from her face as she looked at him blankly.

"Mmm, time is it?" She half yawned as she stretched her arms up.

"Almost 9am, you gotta be somewhere?"

"Shit." She sighed loudly. "Yeah I need to get back, could you give me ride?" She sat up and looked at his eyes which were fixed on her chest. "Aubrey?"

"Sorry." He smiled that smile of his. "Yeah I can give you a lift, time do you need to be back?" He sat up as well grabbing her waist and pulling her to him.

"Like, now. Please?" She changed their position as she pushed his back up to the headboard, straddling him in the process.

"Oh?" He locked eyes with her and she mimicked him in return.

"Yeah, oh. But really, I have to go. Come on." She dismounted him and walked casually into his bathroom proceeding to wash her face, brush her teeth and relieve herself as Drake threw on a pair of sweats and made his way downstairs to make breakfast. Once she was finished she raided his closet for something clean to wear until she got home.

"Nicki, we need to talk." She looked up from her plate of toast as he sat down opposite her.

"Yeah? 'Bout what?"

"This, us." She stopped eating and looked at him again before putting her toast back on the plate.

"Look Ion know what's goin' on right now. I like you, a lot but you're my boss. It's weird."

"Well that's another thing, Ion want you livin' like this anymore." She squinted at him.

"Uhm, you're the one who got me here in the first place."

"Yeah, I know that but I didn't know you then....Not like I know you now anyway..." He trailed off and looked away as he smoothed his hand over his stubbly chin. Standing up she walked over to his chair and rested in between his parted legs.

"What's so different now?" She whispered as she draped her arms around his neck, she knew what the answer was but she just needed to hear him say it.

"Don't play Nic, you know." She was loving how shy and childish he was looking right now, it was adorable to her.

"But you haven't said whatever it is that I'm supposed to know. So how do you know that I know?" He chuckled and shook his head.

"I really like you Onika, a lot." He ran his hands up and down her smooth arms as she continued to stare into his face.

"Well sir, I like you too." She smiled, displaying her dimples and her perfectly white teeth. She even looked beautiful to him without all the makeup on her face. He kissed her and pulled her closer before tapping her butt.

"Come on, I'll take you home."


She let herself inside dreading the explanation she was going to have to give Candi when she walked in. Luckily she didn't see any of her belongings dumped in the hallway like usual so she figured she was out. She frowned as she looked up the small set of stairs they had, she could hear Jacob crying. why would Candi not be here when her child was? Without even thinking she ran up the stairs whilst shouting for her but there was no answer, walking into his room she saw him screaming in his crib, he was stood up holding on to the railings.

"Hey baby, c'mere." She picked him up quickly and checked all the rooms, she was nowhere to be found. Pulling her phone out she called her, five times with no answer for any try. "Shit." She jogged back downstairs with Jacob on her hip as she called Drake, he answered immediately.

"Can't stay away huh?"

"Aubrey I can't find Candi." He stopped joking around hearing how panicked she sounded.

"Well, maybe she just went out with Jacob?"

"No, no he was here by himself. Did she reply to you last night?" She was rushing around in the kitchen trying to get him something to eat, who knows how long he'd been alone.

"Uhm...No she didn't, hold on. I'll call you back." She could hear the concern in his voice and started to  worry. She managed to get Jacob something to eat, he ate it fast and soon stopped crying after she bathed him and changed him. She didn't know what else to do. Looking at the time she threw her head back in frustration realising that Safaree would be here any minute. She thought too soon as she heard a loud knock on the door. She kept hold of Jacob as she went to let him in.

"Come in." He didn't say anything as she seemed pretty pissed. "You can go through, I'm just gon' go put him down." She'd noticed his eyes getting heavy and figured he was tired from all the crying.
As soon as she returned she sat on the opposite couch, not looking his way. Frankly she was beyond concerned about their little argument right now.

"Umm, everything ok?" He rubbed his legs anxiously as he waited for her to answer.

"Yeah. Fine."


"Ugh, what!? Why you sayin' it like that?" He just stared at her with his mouth open.

"How the fuck you actin' like this when I just found out you're a fucking hooker Nicki?!" He stood up as did she.

"Look I can't deal with this right now-" He cut her off.

"YOU can't deal with this?! How the fuck do you think I'm feelin'?!" Before she could answer him, her phone vibrated as a new message came through. 

Quickly grabbing her phone she read the text from Drake, he'd only just been told that Candi was called out last night and obviously she hadn't returned. Having no time or patience to text back she called him and asked him to come over as a frustrated Safaree sat wondering what the hell was happening.

"Look, maybe we should do this another time? I got some shit to deal with right now, why don't you just go eat lunch at your Mom's or something?" She pushed past him and went back into the kitchen but he followed her.

"Nah, we said we were gon' talk 'bout all this and that's what we gon' do." He pulled a chair out and took a seat as she turned angrily to face him.

"What is there to explain SB?! So I'm a hooker, I had get money somehow!"

"And sellin' yourself was the only option? Ion believe that." She slammed Jacob's empty bowl into the sink as her temper began to flare again, realising that getting riled was definitely not going to help any she took a deep breath and sat down at the table with him.

"You don't a have a clue what I went through after you went chasin' that hoe." He sighed, taking his cap off to rub his head.

"Nic, I ain't go "Chasin'" no hoe. She was my girlfriend."

"So what was I? Your little bit on the side?"

"No, well yeah but I didn't think of you just as that! You were my friend too." He tried to reach out for her hand but she moved away instantly.

"Yeah, course I was. Friends with benefits huh?" She folded her lips in attempt to force the tears back and she was successful. "Look, I think you should go, your Mom and Stefani are prolly waitin' on you and I got things to do." she stood up and hiked Drake's sweats up some more as they were evidently way too big for her.


"Whatever, stay then, but I'm goin'." She walked back out of the kitchen and into the lounge room waiting for Drake but to her disappointment she got another text telling her that he couldn't come over anymore and he was heading over to the address Candi was supposedly at last night. Safaree read the text over her shoulder before she threw her phone down as she huffed.

"So, now we can talk." He sat back down again on a separate couch.

"Ion know what else you want me to say? You went runnin' after your "Girlfriend", left me, I got kicked out and became a prostitute. The end."

"Would you just stop actin' so fucking bitter and childish?! I'm sorry! How many fucking times do you want me to say that?! Letter after letter I repeatedly told you that but I ain't even get one damn reply!" He saw her face twist up grumpily.

"Letters? You didn't send me any fucking letters!" As she finished her sentence her face dropped realising that any letters he sent would have gone to her parents house. She hadn't been back or had contact with either of them for those four years. "Wait, you sent them to my house?"

"Where else would they be mailed to? That's where you lived." He'd calmed down a little noticing that her voice had become softer also.

"I moved out after you left, I didn't get any of them." She looked down slightly embarrassed that all this time she'd felt this anger towards him for not keeping in touch when he had been doing so all along. But that didn't change the fact that he just left her for this other girl he was dating, his "Girlfriend".

"Look, I'm sorry I left you the way I did, I really am and I did love you." She could feel a 'but' coming along and helped him out a little.

"But I was too young for you." He nodded sadly. "I get that, I mean I was fifteen and you were twenty but what you did to me was cruel Safaree and I can't just dust that under the carpet." He looked at her solemnly he knew how horrible it must have felt for her but he couldn't deal with age difference it felt so wrong to him, hence the reason he only had sex with her once. Unbeknownst to him she'd got pregnant after that one time. Her first time.

"I know, but it was just too much Nic. I shouldn't have let it get as far is it did, you were way too young." He looked up and their eyes met, he saw how tearful she looked and moved to sit next to her. She didn't move as she started to speak again.

"I thought it was 'cause you weren't gettin' any so I said I was ready and then...." He quickly pulled her too him feeling even worse than before. How could he have not known that she wasn't ready? 

"No, I don't think like that. Not like the guys you're dealin' with now." They stayed silent for a bit as he kept her wrapped in his arms. "How'd things get so bad?"

"Everythin' went to shit after you left." Safaree stayed quiet, he couldn't believe she wasn't crying it was like she'd blocked off every emotion except anger. "I was pregnant." He stopped breathing as soon as she went quiet again.

"What?" Pulling away from her he stood up and smoothed his hands over his shaven head. "No, no, no I don't believe this." He laughed but without showing any humour. "So you're tellin' me that you were pregnant with my kid? And you didn't tell me?" He remained on his feet as he looked down at her.

"Yeah. My Mom and Dad found out and forced me to get rid of it. Then kicked me out." Again getting angry at her inability to show any emotion he kicked the waste paper basket across the room making her flinch slightly. "I didn't know either, until after you left." She spat with attitude as he tried to control his temper. He sighed loudly and took a few deep breaths.

"Damn Nicki, the hell happened to us?" He asked calmly as he sat back down again. She was tired of all the fighting and arguing but she couldn't forgive him so easily for the way he treated her.


Hours passed and Nicki explained everything to Safaree, from dropping out of school, being kicked out and her traumatic trip to the clinic. It wouldn't be right if they talked all of this over without yelling, screaming or crying and that's exactly how it went. She finally broke down about the whole mess and he comforted her then he would mention something which infuriated her and she'd start yelling again. Their conversation was long and tiring but ultimately it seemed as though they covered everything and their differences were resolved. Nicki was now getting restless thinking about Candi, as Drake still hadn't got back to her.

"So what time was she supposed to get back?" Safaree asked as he placed the almost empty pizza box on the coffee table.

"Like, last night as soon as she was finished...Y'know?...." She trailed off when she saw him shifting uncomfortably, the whole Hooker thing still wasn't sitting well with him but being as proud as she was she refused to take any money. Even though he'd offered four times already, knowing how stubborn she was he gave up.

"And this boss of yours..." He stopped as he tried to think of his name.


"Yeah, him. Is he over there now?" She sighed and looked at Jacob who was sat next to her on the couch with his bottle.

"Ion know, he's not answerin' my calls." She checked her phone and still there was no news. "Shouldn't you be gettin' back it's almost 6pm. You were supposed to be at your Mom's for lunch!" She laughed a little, he hadn't told her but he'd called his Mom already and told her he had something important, wedding related to deal with.

"Nah, they won't be missin' me." He paused and pulled his collar up a little and smiled smugly. "Not too much anyways." She giggled some more at his goofiness, that's what she missed about him. That and everything else. He saw her face turn sad again. "She'll be ok y'know?"

"I hope so, you don't know what could've happened to her." She let her eyes wander back to the dark window. It looked cold outside. "Well, I'm gon' go get him ready for bed. I'll be down in a minute." She carefully picked up a sleepy Jacob and headed upstairs with him, Safaree waited for a few seconds before following her up. Watching her from the doorway of his little bedroom he smiled at how good she was with him, forcing him to wonder what it would have been like if he never left. Would this be them with their child? Or would she have had an abortion still? He shook his head thinking about what might have happened if he hadn't left her all those years ago, his son or daughter could have be with them right now. He looked up sheepishly realising that Nicki had caught him as she made her way back out of the room, turning his light off and shutting the door a little behind her.

"You're really good with him." She smiled shyly and looked down before tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. 

"He's a sweet kid." She smiled innocently which made him smile in response. Slowly he raised his hand to her chin and leaned down, hovering in front of her lips for a moment he let her move in first, which she didn't hesitate to do. She grazed his lips softly with her own before he turned it into something a little more passionate, pushing her gently against the wall he deepened the kiss and grabbed her waist. "Mmm...Safaree...we...can't..." She murmured between kisses. The words however held no meaning as he ignored her and continued with what he was doing. Picking her up by her waist and holding her against the wall, she wrapped her legs around him as things got more and more heated. The urgency became too intense to stop now, leaving a trail of clothes behind them as they made their way into her room and shut the door behind them.


"This was a mistake." He turned to look at her laying naked next to him, only the orange tinged street lamp outside her window was allowing things to be visible.

"I don't think it was."

"Faree, you're engaged, to another woman. This is so wrong."

"You do it all the time with them other married niggas" She sighed and looked over at him.

"That's different though."

"How?" He wasn't getting angry he just wanted to know how she was seeing things at this moment. The way she was screaming his name only an hour ago let him know that she obviously still had feelings for him, strong ones at that.

"It just...Is, I don't know why." She turned over properly on to her side, not caring that she had nothing covering her.

"I need to tell you somethin' Nic, but I need to know that you feel the same way?" He saw her close her eyes slowly, she knew what was coming.

"Faree please, don't?" She attempted to get up but he gently took hold of her wrist.

"Just hear me out?" He looked at her pleadingly as she resumed her position laying on her side.

Interrupting his moment of truth a loud  knocking sound came from the front door making Nicki immediately jump up and start throwing her clothes on.


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