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10. Alienated - Part One

*Kay, I know I didn't post on the day I said but I've been kinda busy and goin through some stupid shit right now....And I've been a lil' bit bad too ._. But I won't get into that right now. Anyways, this chapter doesn't really go too much into law stuff cuz I know nothing about American law...Hell, I don't even know anything about Australian law and I study it XD anyways sorry for the delay and I hope this is ok :/*

Nicki lay awake for what seemed like ages, how the hell was she supposed to sleep? He'd been gone for almost an hour, he said he would be back. Throwing the covers off of herself she let her feet hit the tacky carpet of the motel room as she went over to the window. His car was still gone.

"Shit Drake, where the hell are you?" She pulled her hand up to her mouth and chewed nervously on her thumb as she shut the curtain again. Luckily Jacob was still sleeping quietly, what was going to happen to him if they got caught? And her, she had nothing to do with this. Trying to shake the thoughts from her mind she sat back on the edge of the bed and waited out the silence.


"So the girl, Onika, she had nothin' to do with this?"

"No sir, not that I know of and Ion see why he would have any reason to lie to me. He said that he'd taken her and this kid to a motel."

"Mmkay, do you remember the name of the motel?"

"It's on tape, I was wearin' a wire." He retorted with attitude.

"Just tell us the name of the motel."

A.J. did as he was asked and was taken away, since he'd co-operated he'd probably receive a lighter penalty but time would soon tell.

"Aight, go speak to that Samuels guy again, see if he's had any contact." They were on their way back out to the cars as they spoke.

"Yes sir, where you goin' though?"

"Imma head down to this motel, I'll meet you there."

Just like that everything was set into motion as the female officer headed back over to Safaree's and her partner did as he said and went to the motel.

After knocking on his door for a while she heard some yelling before an extremely pissed off Stefani answered, it was well past midnight at this point.

"Yes?" She crossed her arms over her chest waiting.

"May I come in ma'am?" There was an uncomfortable silence for a few seconds until Stefani pulled the door open and stormed upstairs causing Safaree to walk out of the kitchen in confusion. "Mr Samuels?"

"Oh, I didn't know you were here, is this 'bout Nicki? Do you know where she is?"

"My partner is headed over there now, we were just wondering if you had heard from her but I'm guessing not?"

Safaree's shoulders slumped as he led them back through to the lounge-room. "No I haven't spoken to her since she last called." Taking a seat he rubbed his hands over his face.

Before the officer could speak again Safaree's phone coincidentally sung out from his pant pocket. Swiftly pulling it out he looked at the caller ID.

"It's her." It was more of a statement than a way of saying Should I answer? Immediately answering he heard her frightened voice on the other end.


"Nicki? What's wrong?"

"Ion know, I can't get hold of Drake and I didn't know who else to call." He could tell she was crying but for some reason she was whispering too. As he listened the officer motioned for him to put her on loud speaker so he did.

"What's happened and why you whisperin'?"

"There's someone at the door but it isn't Drake, and they sound like they gonna freakin' break through it." She sniffed as she continued to whisper. "Please, Ion know what to do SB?" Honestly he had no idea what she wanted him to do as he looked at the officer, they both knew that it was her partner at Nicki's door.

"Tell her to open the door, we know she didn't have anything to do with all of this." Listening to her orders Safaree spoke up.

"Look Nic, the person at your door is a police officer, they lookin' for Drake 'kay? Not you, so if you open the door they gon' get you outta there."

"What?! No, I'm not 'bouta freaking drop him in it! If it wasn't for him I'd be dead, Jacob too probably." She was crying even more now after her hushed outburst. She was sat crouched next to Jacob on the bed as she watched the door intently. "Wait....How'd they know where we was at?"

"Ion know, some guy who helped Drake." He shook his head."But that's not the point, Nicki go answer the door. He murdered somebody." He put more emphasis on the word 'murdered'.

"You don't get it Safaree! He's the only person I have, the only reason I'm still alive right now." She got quieter and before he had chance to say anything else back he heard the female officer speaking angrily on her own phone, she was telling her partner that Drake wasn't in the room but Nicki and Jacob were so he should ease up on the knocking and yelling. "Safaree? Who the hell is that?"

"Nicki, that officer will break through the door if he has to so just open it." He heard silence for a moment.

"I asked you who that was?" By the way she spoke he knew that she knew. "Am I on speaker right now?" Just as he was about to answer she hung up on him.

"She hung up, I think she knows I was helpin' y'all."

"Don't feel bad about it, what you chose to do was the right thing. For everybody." Looking at him reassuringly she carried on speaking to her partner on the phone as Safaree sighed loudly and took a seat, what if he'd just made everything worse?

Back at the motel Nicki was beyond pissed, as if it wasn't enough that her best friend's life was hanging in the balance and now the only person she had in her life to rely on was going to be sent to prison for God know how long. Killing her spiralling thoughts she looked to the door as everything was silent, until she heard a car pull up. It was Drake.


Almost three months had passed and Nicki was still the same. She felt like her whole life had been blown to smithereens all over again and she'd lost everything, her best friend, her boyfriend, her job, her home. Everything. Safaree was still trying to prove himself as being there but she was done with trusting people, it got her nowhere so why should she bother? She didn't know if learning of Candi's death was worse or having to say goodbye to Jacob as social services took him. But one thing she was sure of was nothing hurt more than seeing Drake being put away, he was in there because of her and that thought was constantly eating at her. Driving her mad with guilt. Sitting in a store doorway she wiped a stray tear and after finally losing her temper with her constantly ringing phone she tossed it with all her might across the road and watched it shatter. Safaree had not stopped with the calls, everyday he'd try and reach her but she ignored it every time. It seemed as though every persons life she entered she damaged, she didn't want to do that to him. She cared about him too much. Slipping back into her thought she quickly stopped herself and stood up as she walked the dark streets.


Coming home from a stressful day shopping Stefani and Mama Samuels walked in looking exhausted.

"Ugh we finally got everything sorted! My dress, the bridesmaids dresses, everything." Flopping down on the couch next to Safaree she rested her head on his upper arm. "You kay babe? You've been really quiet this past week. You stressin' 'bout the weddin'?" Safaree looked down at his fiance's worried face.

"Yeah, I guess I am a lil' nervous. The biggest day of our lives right?"

"Mmm, don't worry it'll be fine. I know it." She rested her head back down as his smile faded again. Truthfully he wasn't even thinking about the wedding. It was the last thing on his mind, especially after last week when he figured his mind was playing tricks on him. He thought he'd seen Nicki on a street corner, it wasn't a good thing to see though. She was leaning into a pulled up car as she spoke to the driver and then walked around and hopped in the passenger seat before taking off. It made him feel instantly sick. As his mind continued to spin Stefani felt his body tense up. "Babe, you sure you're ok?"

"I'm fine, promise." He mindlessly pecked her lips and stood up. "I gotta go see Tyler 'bout the whole best man thing but I'll be back 'bout nine." He kissed her again as she watched him suspiciously. Mama Samuels noticed and quickly interjected.

"Well, these wedding invitations aren't going to finish themselves." She got out of her chair and looked at her soon-to-be daughter-in-law. "Best get cracking." Smiling sweetly she led them through to the kitchen to table. Being his Mother she knew there was definitely something on her son's mind and whatever it was he would tell her when he was ready. But she had a feeling it would be something to do with Nicki. Neither herself or Stefani knew of Nicki's previous, and current, job description and since Drake had been locked up and junior was dead, obviously the business had shut down and left Nicki jobless. Doing the only thing she knew best she turned to street work, it sounded ridiculous but she felt like it was her only option.

As his thoughts carried on swirling in his mind he felt like every person he saw on the street was her, but it never was, apart from that time he really did see her. Ever since then he felt like he'd been looking for her, expecting her to be there. As he got closer to Tyler's house he had finally come to a decision, he just hoped it was the right one.

*I know it's MAD short and rushed, I'm sorry but I have had THE WORST case of writer's block! But I hope this was ok and thanku all SO MUCH for the comments left on the previous chapter! I'm so grateful!! Hopefully my next posts will be better when I have nothing on my mind or whatever. Anywhooslebees, what do you want updating next? I have a feeling it might be CM but I could be wrong!*


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