Thursday, 11 October 2012

8. Gettin' Messy (Part Two of 'Gone') *Sneak Peak*

*Kay so I know I didn't ask what y'all wanted updating but I'm doing a lil' sneak peek for this one cuz I did a kyna biggish chapter for HIA tonight :)*

She continued to cling on to his big build as he walked them over to the bed, placing her down carefully so as not to wake a sleeping Jacob.

"You ok?" He held her shoulders firmly and looked between her face and Jacob's little body sprawled out under the sheets.

"Well, for everythin' that's happened I guess so." She looked down as he took a seat next to her, allowing their shoulders to rub against one another still. "Did you sort stuff out?"

"Yeah. We just gon' be here for one night, I promise." He took her hand in his and kissed her.

"Promise? 'Cause I need to see Candi. I wanna know she's ok." Her eyes trailed over Jacob's little frame. He needed his Mom more than anything.

"I promise. We're goin' back to your place first thing. I need to clean everythin' up." Rubbing his hands over his face he sighed and lay back gently. Following his movement she settled next to him, facing his body as she trailed her hands over his bruised face. They lay still for a few long minutes with her continuing her actions as he enjoyed the calm feeling she was giving him at that moment, but she quietly broke the silence after a while.

"Can I still not answer my calls? Safaree's been ringin' non stop." Her hand stayed resting gently on his face as he turned slowly to look at her, he looked drained, tired and empty.

"Mmm I guess it's alright...We have to act normal." She nodded in understanding and stood up to go get her phone, as she guessed he was ringing again. Persistent or what? Clicking to answer the call she held the phone to her ear, watching Drake move past her and shut the bathroom door behind him. The shower starting up made her feel more comfortable about talking.

"What do you want Safaree?" Hearing her tired, whisper made his heart relax in utter relief.

"The fuck Nicki?! Why you been ignorin' all my calls? I been ringin' you all day?" Pulling the phone away slightly she winced at the pounding headache she was experiencing.

"Can you please stop screamin'? Why you been callin' me like there's no tomorrow?"

"I been over here shittin' bricks! I went 'round to your place this mornin', nobody was there but you left your door open. There was blood everywhere, I thought that boss of yours had..." He trailed off and sighed loudly. "I thought you were dead." It didn't matter about what he was saying, in fact she wasn't even listening. Her heart was beating so fast she could hardly hear anything else. "Nicki? Nicki you still there?"

"Hmm? Oh yeah I'm...I'm still here." Chewing on her bottom lip nervously she readied herself to ask him a question. "So what's goin' on right now? Where you at?"

"I called the cops first, they all over your place...What the fuck even happened Nic? You alright?"

"Wait, there are cops? All over my apartment?" She started pacing as the panic began to kick in.

"Nic, the hell did you want me to do? Shrug it off? I thought you'd been killed, you understand how much I been worryin' 'bout you? Where are you? And who are you with?"

"No. You did the right thing....And yeah I'm fine, just a lil' overwhelmed right now." She paused shakily, urging herself to end the call. "I have to go, I'll call you later." She heard him yelling for her not to hang up but she had to. She continued to pace and chew at her fingers nervously waiting for Drake to finish showering....

* Just a sneak peek but I hope it was ok :/ Thanku all so much for the comments on chap. 7 ^___^ Sorry for any typos and what do you want updating next week? I was gonna do CAHM but I have an inkling some of you are gonna say CM? ^_^ Anyways it's totally up to you guys HOWEVER I might do FY next cuz I'm axing that one, so if I do that one then it's all over and outta the way, unless I'm doing a continuation? I need to check the comments again but I think I saw someone or maybe 2 ppl wanted a continuation, anyway I'll think about it :)*


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